Dipetane Enables More Complete Combustion.

At the heart of Dipetane’s ability to increase fuel economy 10% to 15% is its more efficient and complete fuel burn. The result is increased energy release and a longer, more powerful expansion in the combustion chamber.

Dipetane’s more efficient and complete burn is enabled by Dipetane’s automatic and unique alterations to the carbon chain structure. This pre-combustion process allows oxygen to access and burn the carbon more completely in an upgrade of all standard fuels. Additives cannot do this since they operate on a post combustion basis.

See this video to learn how Dipetane works in real-time as soon as it is added to the fuel tank.

Burns less fuel

When mixed into gasoline, diesel and heavier fuel oils, the improved combustion enabled by Dipetane means that less fuel is used.

Reduces Carbon

Because Dipetane enables a more complete burn, this results in lower carbon deposits on the walls of the combustion chamber.

Less Engine Wear

The enhanced combustion enabled by Dipetane Increases lubricity within the combustion chamber. This leads to less friction and engine wear.

Lower Maintenance

Less wear and tear means fewer oil changes and less frequent need to replace injectors, DPF’s and EGR Valves.