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Used by Car Fleets, Truck Fleets, Taxi Fleets and Shipping Fleets to  to Reduce Running costs by up to 10%, Save on Maintenance Costs and Increase Engine Life.

Blue Express
Blue Express have one of the largest parcel delivery courier distribution networks in Chile.

The company began as a local courier and already in the second quarter of 1998 extended its services to logistics operation specializing in distribution, with a network of offices, warehouses, trucks and vans all over Chile.

A road test by Blue Express transport division demonstrated a 9% increase in fuel efficiency.

Capistrano School District
Learn about the benefits they gained from using Dipetane in their fleet of 200 buses.

Lower Fuel Costs

One road test on Diesel trucks showed a fuel saving of 9%.

Less Emissions

Lower combustion chamber emissions mean less smoke and greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower Maintenance

Longer life for oil, filters and engine plus injectors, DPF’s and EGR valves.

Cleans Injectors

Cleaner burning of carbon results in clean fuel injectors, DPF’s and EGR valves.