Various post combustion additives and mechanical devices have been employed to try and increase combustion and reduce greenhouse gases and smoke.

Whilst these are welcome, they do not address the “fundamental problem” of enabling the oxygen to get more complete access to the carbon. Dipetane fully compliments all such additives and mechanical devices.
New engine tests were accurate but misleading as they do not allow for carbon build up which happens in all engines and boilers, hence the need for mandatory EC smoke and emission tests.

A “Pre” combustion liquid fuel treatment was needed to solve this “Fundamental” problem so that the limited, fixed and valuable incoming oxygen could be enabled to access and burn the carbon more completely by altering the behaviour of the volatile carbon chains.

Nobody had ever attempted addressing this before and it required an original and unique R & D solution.
We also knew that such a liquid solution could not involve additives and could not alter the specifications of the host fuel it would treat so that all warranties remained intact.

We also knew that we would need a single product solution with a single mix rate and self mixing to apply to all standard fuels in order to make a major impact and to facilitate the ease, simplicity and safety of use.

If you are interested in understanding the “Fundamental Problem” common to all standard fuels you can study this diagram which explains

  1. On the left side:
    • The problems of How standard fuels burn leaving high combustion chamber deposits, Clogging of Injectors and valves due to un-burnt carbon with high emission discharge.
    • Result = High fuel consumption and emissions plus clogged engine components.
  2. On the right side:
    • How Dipetane burns more carbon, minimising carbon deposit build up, lowering emissions and cleaning Injectors, EGR valves and DPF’s.
    • Result = Fuel savings, Lower emissions, clean engine components and a need for less frequent oil changes.

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