What We Do

We manufacture and distribute a unique product called Dipetane that upgrades petroleum fuels without any additives or mechanical devices.

Company Background

Dipetane is a 100% Irish owned Irish private company. Our fuel technology was developed by a group of Irish scientists in 1986 in response to:

  • 2 energy crises
  • Rising fuel costs
  • Increased atmospheric pollution
  • Growing concerns at the impact of climate change

Some Independent Test Results.

24 Month Road test for fuel efficiency on 8 trucks
This was a 24 Month Road test on 8 trucks by First Brads (USA).
12.5 % improved Fuel Efficiency.

Both the Control Group and the Test Group each Consisted of 4 Peterbuilt Trucks all With Cummins 365 Diesel Engines.

All the front axels and fuel tanks had an infra-red electronic measuring mechanism linked to an onboard computer to measure MPG accurately.

8 month test on diesel emissions of 2 trucks
This was an 8 month test on diesel emissions of 2 trucks for the Linfox Group by Gas Technology Services (Australia).

Emissions reductions
NOx -35%
CO2 -23%
SOX -27%
Smoke -62%

NCT Emissions test on Audi A4 Turbo Diesel
No Dipetane used before 1st test. Car was the re-tested 3 weeks after failing 1st test.

Smoke Level Fail Level Result
1st Test 9.8/m 3.0/m Fail
2nd Test 1.96/m 3.0/m Pass


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Research & Development

Our research has developed a unique pre combustion fuel treatment that upgrades
petroleum based fuels.
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Key Milestones

Since 1981 Dipetane has passed a continuous stream of development and test milestones.
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