What is dipetane

What is Dipetane?

Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon liquid fuel treatment as opposed to an additive. It contains nothing that is not already in the fuel.
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How does it work

How Does it work?

Dipetane’s ability to increase fuel economy by up to 10% is due to its ability to enable a more efficient and complete fuel burn.
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Independant Tests

Independent Tests

A wide range of Independent laboratory and road tests have been carried out on Dipetane. Check out these tests to verify our claims about Dipetane’s performance.
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Senior Energy policymakers, Economic Strategists for National Governments, National Oil companies and Oil producing countries are all seeking better fuel output.

They are also examining how to respond to todays constantly changing energy supply markets and to rapid climate change.

Dipetane is the sole fuel technology that:

  • Creates up to 10% more output from all fuel.
  • Creates major economic benefits.
  • Reduces greenhouse gases by up to 25%.
  • Reduces smoke by up to 50%.

Consequently, no country can afford to ignore the unique benefits that Dipetane offers.

Dipetane treats fuel before combustion to upgrade it’s combustion properties.

Fuel Additives are “post combustion” technologies which have been superceded by Dipetane.

Why Choose Dipetane?


IE Burning the carbon much more completely.

  • Helps to pass new MOT,DOE,NCT lower smoke,CO2 and NOx emission regulations.
  • Up to 10% Better Fuel Consumption
  • Up to 35% reduced ‘PROMPT’ NOx, this further reduces all NOx from Catalytic Converters.
  • Up to 25% less CO2.
  • Protect your injectors against new EU 90% cut in sulphur which was acting as a lubricant.
  • Keeps Injectors, DPF’s and EGR’s clean and in working order, reducing expensive regeneration in DPF’s and downtime time-because less unburnt carbon enters the DPF’s .
  • Up to 60% extended engine oil life.
  • Up to 50% extended engine rebuild time.
  • Up to 50% extended boiler life, this is very important in Heavy Oil Burning Boilers reducing the cleaning time on rotary cups.

What is Dipetane?

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